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Cupid on a Fish. size 6 x 4.2cm  Sea Shell.
Antique mythology image is carved on a white -
roze colore sea shell.Cupid on a Fish. size 6...Cameo. Sea Shell.  size 3.8 x 2.7cm
Broosh.Cameo. Sea Shell.  size...Centaur. Sea Shell. size 3 x 2.5cm
Hight relief cameo is carved on a black -
white organic material - natural colors are
used.Centaur. Sea Shell. siz...Stork. Agate. size 2.2 x 2.5cm
Cameo is carved on a colored stone
wrong shape.Stork. Agate. size 2.2 ...
Griffin. Onyx. size 4 x 3cm
Cameo. Relief is carved on a black colore
stone. Differens between polished and mat
surface of relief used.Griffin. Onyx. size 4 x...Leda and Swan. Sea Shell. size 6.5 x 4.8cm
Cameo. Hight relief is carved on white - roze
colore Sea shell.Leda and Swan. Sea Shel...Cameo. Jasper.  size 5.5 x 4.cmCameo. Jasper.  size 5....sea shell cameo - Old Jaffa.Ionah and the Fisn.5.8 . 4.5 cmsea shell cameo - Old J...
mother of pearl cameo. Tomb of Rachel. 5.6 . 4.0cmmother of pearl cameo. ...mother of pearl carved cameo - EXODUS_judaica   14 *10 cmmother of pearl carved ...
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