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Antigue gem replic.
Carnelian. size 1.5 x 1.5cm
Intaglio.Centaur. Antigue gem re...Mythology image.
Agate. Intaglio.
size2 x 1.8cmMythology image. Agate....antique gem replica.Griffin.intaglio handcarved.
jasper. size24 *18mmantique gem replica.Gri...impression from intaglioimpression from intagli...
Handcarved intaglio,antique gems replica,
mythology image-Cupid on a Dolphin.
blue agate, size 15 * 20mmHandcarved intaglio,ant...impression from intaglio - Cupid on a Dolphin.impression from intagli...Handcarved intaglio,antique gems replica,
mythology image,Sphinks
Hematite stone, size 16 8 16mmHandcarved intaglio,ant...Impression from intaglio.Impression from intagli...
handcarved intaglio,ancient gem replica.
the mythologycal creature-CHIMERA.
hematite stone engraved.
29.8 * 21.7mmhandcarved intaglio,anc...intaglio impressionintaglio impression
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