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Leon (Leonid) Kuskin was born in Belarus (formerly, one of the USSR republics) in 1949, graduated from the Minsk Art College in 1969. Since 1975 he studied and in 1980 graduated from the Mukhina Leningrad High School of Industrial Arts (known at present as the Shtiglitz Saint-Petersburg State Academy of Industrial Arts).
He took part in group exhibitions in Belarus, exposed his works in Saint-Petersburg galleries.
The artist achieved high professional status and gained success in the genre of glyptics (stone and intaglio engraving).
In his works Leon (Leonid) Kuskin reveals an interest in creative activities of antique engravers, trying to re-create and to continue classic traditions.
His works are devoted to a vast variety of fields and genres, such as astrology, animal painting, mythology, antique culture.
The artist devoted his creative activities to the genre of glyptics and became a genuine master of the genre.
His works can be found in private collections in Europe and in US.
Since 1995 he resides and works in Israel.
Some of his works, which are not published in the web site, including engraved silver, can be shown in private meeting.



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