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WESTERN WALL. Agate. size 8 x 4cm box cover
Image the HOLY PLACE is carved as cameo relief..
Using differens between polishe and grinding surface
of the stone.WESTERN WALL. Agate. si...The SACRED PLACE.
Cameo. Agate. size 10 x 8cm
Box coverThe SACRED PLACE. Cameo...The SACRED PLACE. Agate. size 10 x 8cm box cover.
Hight relief cameo. All small detailes are carved.
Lettering are carved in intaglio technigue.The SACRED PLACE. Agate...Leda and Swan.  Cameo.
size 9 x 6cm  Horn
Antique mythology images..
Box cover.Leda and Swan.  Cameo. ...
Satir and Nymph.
Jasper. size 8.5 x 5cm
Cameo. Box cover.Satir and Nymph. Jasper...
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