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Satir and Nymph.
Jasper. size 8.5 x 5cm
Cameo. Box cover.Satir and Nymph. Jasper...Leda and Swan.  Cameo.
size 9 x 6cm  Horn
Antique mythology images..
Box cover.Leda and Swan.  Cameo. ...The SACRED PLACE. Agate. size 10 x 8cm box cover.
Hight relief cameo. All small detailes are carved.
Lettering are carved in intaglio technigue.The SACRED PLACE. Agate...The SACRED PLACE.
Cameo. Agate. size 10 x 8cm
Box coverThe SACRED PLACE. Cameo...
WESTERN WALL. Agate. size 8 x 4cm box cover
Image the HOLY PLACE is carved as cameo relief..
Using differens between polishe and grinding surface
of the stone.WESTERN WALL. Agate. si...
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