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The grope of works was made very similar to Faberge original  flowers,by keering the original
style, technicue, but some detailes are different, and some of original materials were exchenged.
ORANGE  FLOWER   size  h - 16.5 cm        silver,covered with gold,diamond simulant/ spinel /
                                                                 nephrite, white agate, rock crystal.FLOWERS. The grope of w...ORANGE FLOWER.ORANGE FLOWER.• Black Currants. Size  h – 16 cm. Silver,covered with gold, nephrit, onyx.
Diamonds simulant/spinel/• Black Currants. Size ...
Raspberry. Silver, covered with gold, nephrite, rhodonite, rock crystal.
size h-16cmRaspberry. Silver, cove...Raspberry. Silver, covered with gold, nephrite, rhodonite, rock crystalRaspberry. Silver, cove...
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