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Pastel. Paper.  size 42 x 32cm
Old Jaffa.Pastel. Paper.  size 42...oil on canvas.  size 45 x 35cm
Old Jaffa. Port.oil on canvas.  size 45...oil on canvas.  size 50 x 40cm
Tel Aviv. Karmel Sguare.oil on canvas.  size 50...Pastel. Paper. size 53 x 40cm
Old Jaffa.Pastel. Paper. size 53 ...
Pastel. Paper.  size 47 x 27cm
Flowers and beads - necklace.Pastel. Paper.  size 47...pastel on paper. size 45 x 30cm
Tel - Aviv. scetch.pastel on paper. size 4...Pastel. paper. sizePastel. paper. sizepastel on paper.  size 45 x 40cm
Old Jaffa Port.pastel on paper.  size ...
oil. canvas. size
Sea coast.oil. canvas. size Sea c...oil on canvas. size
Flowers.oil on canvas. size Flo...oil on canvas. size 40 x 30cm
Still life with sea shells.oil on canvas. size 40 ...oil on canvas. size 50 x 35cm
Old Jaffa. Clock Tower.oil on canvas. size 50 ...
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