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judaica. mother of pearl carved cameo  Tomb of Rachel   5.6 * 4.0 cmjudaica. mother of cameo. astrology. Fish Sign.size 32 mm dshell cameo. astrology....
Judaica.Prophet Jonah and the Whale.Old Jaffa. mother of pearl cameo.16 * 11cmJudaica.Prophet Jonah a...judaica.handcarved cameo.Prayer at the WESTERN WALL.
Illuminated cameo.
mother of pearl.
size 17,5 * 12.0cmjudaica.handcarved came...Judaica.handcarved cameo.
Mother of Pearl - material
size 17.5 8 12.0cmJudaica.handcarved came...
detail of cameodetail of cameohandcarved cameo, Griffin.
Lapis lazuli stone engraved.
37.5 * 32mmhandcarved cameo, Griff...handcarved carnelian cameo,
mythologycal motive - EROS on LEO.
impressed by the ancient Roman relief.
38.5 * 39mmhandcarved carnelian ca...
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