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Agate. size 9.5 x 7cm. Judaica.
Prayer carved on a peace of agate.
Decorative leafs are carved
around HOLY WORDS.Agate. size 9.5 x 7cm. ...judaica. mother of pearl cameo.
Tomb of Rachel.
56.4 * 40 cmjudaica. mother of cameo   - Old Jaffa. the Prophet Jonah and the Whale   5.8  * 4.5cmshell cameo   - Old Jaf...mother of pearl carved cameo - EXODUS    14 * 10 cmmother of pearl carved ...
Judaica.Amulet.PRAYER handcarved in deep on a peace of jasper.
Leafes are carved around HOLY WORDS.
Stone size 2.8 * 2.3 cm.Jasper, silver.Judaica.Amulet.PRAYER h...Judaica.Amulet.
handcarved in deep on a peace of stone.
stone size 2.3 * 11cm Chalcedony.SilverJudaica.Amulet. handcar...Judaica.Handcarved cameo,, Old City Jerusalem,,
jerusalem stone.size 5.3 * 4,9cmJudaica.Handcarved came...the reverse side of cameo.PRAYER engraved; If I forget You Jerusalem..the reverse side of cam...
Judaica.Handcarved cameo,, Bunch of grapes,,
jerusalem stone. size 3,5 * 3,4cmJudaica.Handcarved came...reverse side of cameo.
Engraved PRAYER; If I forget You Jerusalem...reverse side of cameo. ...Judaica.Handcarved cameo.Antique coins replica.
jerusalem stone. size 3.0 * 2.9cmJudaica.Handcarved came...Judaica.Handcarved cameo ,,The Praying Jew,,
jerusalem stone. size 9.5 * 5.0cmJudaica.Handcarved came...
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