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scetch for sea shell cameo ,,old jaffa,,
pensil,watercolor,paper toned
44 * 31cmscetch for sea shell ca...scetch for sea shell cameo ,, jerusalem,,
paper toned,pencil,whitewash
30.5 * 44.5cmscetch for sea shell ca...scetch for sea shell cameo ,,jerusalem,,
paper toned, pencil,whitewash
45 * 30,5cmscetch for sea shell ca...sketch for shell cameo - old jaffa -ionah-sketch for shell cameo ...
scetch for mother of pearl cameo - EXODUS - judaicascetch for mother of pe...drawing for cameo carving.
toned paper, colore pencils,white gouashe.drawing for cameo carvi...Sketch for carvingSketch for carvingsketch for engraving cameosketch for engraving ca...
scetch for engraving cameo-
impressed by the ancient Roman relief.scetch for engraving ca...sketch for engraving a replica of an ancient
Scarab.sketch for engraving a ...sketsh for engraving intaglio/
ancient Rome/ Pompeii mural painting motive.sketsh for engraving in...sketch for engraving replica of ancient intaglio.sketch for engraving re...
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